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Commercial Lock Mechanism

Just as most residential properties have similar locking mechanisms (inner link to house lockout page) such as a deadbolt or a doorknob, so to do most commercial buildings have similar locking mechanism. The most common mechanism used in commercial properties is called the mortise mechanism. This mechanism is usually inserted into the interior of the door with a hole carved out on the door frame where the latch goes into so that the property can be properly locked. This mechanism usually has two places where a lock or a thumb turn can be inserted or screwed on. “Set Screws” or “Allen Screws” are then put into position to prevent anyone from being able to subsequently unscrew the lock from the door .The lock or thumb turn normally have a tail piece on the end which, when the cylinder is turned, is engaged and also turns. This tailpiece then hits a button which is connected to and therefore engages the latch.

IC Core Lockout

An IC core is a kind of lock which may fit into a mortise mechanism. In order for an IC core to fit inside of a mortise mechanism it must fit into a housing which may be separately attached to the mechanism  .There are two main kinds of IC core locks, small and large form. The difference between a small and large form IC core  is that they fit into different size housings. If you are a business owner locked outside of your property which is protected by an IC core our technicians can come to your rescue. They are trained in different methods to help you get back into your property and get you started with your workday as soon as possible. They may either pick the lock, drill the pins of the IC core, or they may be able to break the set screws and subsequently unlock your property.

Mortise Lockout

 A mortise lock, not to be confused with a mortise mechanism, is a kind of lock which most commonly protects businesses across the United States. The mortise lock is usually screwed onto the mortise mechanism and then held in place by a set screw. There are many brands and keyways of mortise locks, some of the most common ones include Schlage, Kwikset, and Multilock. If you are locked out of your business one of the most common ways our techs can help get you in would be to pick the lock. If it is a higher security lock then they may break the set screw, or if all else fails, they will be able to drill your lock and get you back into your business quickly.

Commercial Door Lever Lockout

Many businesses have commercial door levers inside their premises.  Usually a backdoor leading to an office will have a commercial door lever. Unfortunately, some commercial door levers may lock without the need of a key leading people to sometimes lock themselves out of their back offices. If this has happened to you simply call Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake City. Our technicians will come to your office and determine the best course of action to get inside your commercial door lever, whether that be using airbags to create space and expose the latch, or simply picking the lock of your commercial door lever.

Lost Keys

Re key services

If you have lost the keys to your commercial property and find yourself locked out of it then do not panic. Extra Locksmith in Salt lake city offers commercial lockout services. If you did in fact lose your keys you may wish to change the key which fits the lock on your door. This may serve two purposes, it will enable you to lock and unlock your store again, however, it will also serve as an added security bonus so that if someone else has unlawfully obtained copies of your old key then that key will no longer work.

Mortise lock change

Sometimes mortise locks may break and it may be necessary to change the entire lock. If this is the case our technicians will be able to replace your mortise lock with a new one. If you wish they may even re key the lock to match your old keys, or if you wish to have a new set of keys they can make sure that the new lock you get has a key with different depth cuts than your old one.

IC core lock change

 The IC core can be very appealing for a variety of reasons. One reason is that the cylinder of an IC core lock can be changed very easily with something called the control key. The control key activates a pin on the side of the cylinder which enables you to remove and insert a new cylinder. This way you can quickly and efficiently change cylinders if you have to let employees go and do not want them to have continued access into your store.

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