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When you need an affordable commercial locksmith, call on Extra Locksmith.

We’re fully licensed by the city of Provo, (license # LCB201800310). We’re also insured and bonded for your protection.

Our commercial locksmith services include:

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Trusted Commercial Locksmith in Utah County

Our professional locksmith technicians have experience installing and repairing commercial locks, making keys, and rekeying locks for optimal security.

You can always count on us to use the right tools and up-to-date technology to provide you with fast and efficient service.

Whether you need service for your retail or restaurant location, office building, industrial, or manufacturing facility, we serve all types of businesses, both large and small.

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Commercial Rekey Services

If you’re renting a new office or retail space or have recently purchased a commercial building, one of the first things you need to do is secure the locks on your new location. In some instances, you may need to change security and access levels when key employees leave your organization.

When you need to secure a location quickly, changing the lock hardware is inefficient. The process of changing locks takes time and can lead to added costs to secure your business.

That’s why we offer commercial rekeying services to businesses throughout Utah county. Using your existing door hardware, we can create new keys rendering all other outstanding keys ineffective. We can also help to enhance your security by adding a master key system.

Master Key Systems

Many types of businesses use master key systems. They allow one key to access multiple locks while restricting other keys from unlocking other doors. These systems use two types of keys: the master key and change keys. The master key opens every lock within the system. The charge keys only open the lock they are assigned to.

Property managers often use master keys to unlock multiple doors and units without having to carry separate keys for every unit. Master key systems work for commercial and residential buildings.

How Master Key Systems Work

You can have multiple master key systems in your location. You may want to set up a master key system for each department within the same building or have a master key system for multiple locations.

For master key systems in a single location, you can give department heads keys that will unlock the main door to, and all office doors within their department only. As the business owner, you should have a master key that unlocks every door in your facility.

For multiple locations, each site or store manager can have a master key, and employees would need keys for their private offices. You, the owner, will have a master key that works across all your locations.


Benefits of Master Key Systems

  • Master key systems keep you and your managers from needing to carry around multiple keys every day. It’s more convenient when one key can access every location or area you need to visit.
  • You won’t waste time sorting through and trying multiple keys only to find you left the right key behind.
  • You’ll also save time and money in case an employee forgets a key. Anyone with a master key can open the employee’s office door without needing to make a new key.


Fast and Reliable Commercial Master Key Services

Extra Locksmith is a commercial locksmith in Provo, UT that specializes in master key services for small and large businesses. Call us at (801) 852-5627 to find out how we can create a master key system to reduce the number of keys your business needs in circulation.


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Lock Installation and Repair

Broken keys are one of the most common problems that occur with commercial locks. We repair all types of lock hardware and commercial doors.

When it’s time to upgrade your locks for greater security or to take advantage of new lock technology, contact Extra Locksmith. Our professional locksmiths have experience installing all types of commercial locks and hardware including:

  • High-security locks
  • Locking hardware that works with access control systems
  • Locks and hardware for push bar systems

Contact Extra Locksmith at (801) 852-5627 for all your lock installation and repair needs.

Push Bar Services and Installation

What is a push bar door system?

Commercial buildings use standard exit doors as well as emergency doors with push bar systems for safety and security. Using push bars on exit doors prevents access to unauthorized areas of your building by keeping the outside locked.

How do push bar door systems work?

From the inside, a push bar allows you to release the lock upon exiting without having to use a key to secure the door once you’re outside. When installed on panic doors, they set off security or fire alarms in case of emergency.

Why should you consider adding push bars at your business?

  • Push bars work with all types of doors and door hardware. A commercial locksmith can configure a push bar system to work with wood, metal, aluminum, and glass doors.
  • You’ll have fewer doors to lock and unlock each day. No longer worry about employees forgetting to check and lock every door after your business is closed.
  • Adding security doors with push bar systems can help you save money on your commercial insurance. That’s because it works with your security system, and the more comprehensive your security system is the lower your premiums will be.


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