Elk Ridge City, Utah

Elk ridge is a town in Utah county between Payson and Woodland Hills. As of 2018 the census population is just over four thousand residents. It is named after a herd of elk that wintered in the area.

Locksmith in Elk Ridge

Extra Locksmith is now providing it’s fully equipped mobile locksmith services in Elk Ridge. Whether you need a key made, a car unlocked, or the locks changed in your home, give Extra Locksmith a call today. We provide a wide range of services, including emergency, automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith services.

Emergency Service

If you are stuck in an emergency situation in elk ridge, look no further than Extra Locksmith. With a transparent pricing structure, as well as accurate ETAs, there is really no need to call any other locksmith. Whatever emergency situation you may be experiencing, Extra Locksmith is here to help!

Car Lockout

If you are locked out of any type of vehicle, be it a car, truck, or even an 18 wheeler, Extra Locksmith can send someone out to rescue you from the situation. We have special tools that do not damage the doors, we can unlock newer cars with electronic locking mechanisms, as well as the older ones that are manual. No matter your situation, our technicians are here to help.

House Lockout

Let’s say you have left your home without the keys in your hand, locked the bottom doorknob, and now realize the mistake you have made. Maybe you have just gotten home to realize you have lost your keys, or your electronic deadbolts batteries have died and you can no longer use the code to get back inside of your home. In any of these situations, and many more, Extra Locksmith will come to the rescue.

Business Lockout

Whatever type of lock you have on your business, our technicians can handle it. Whether it be a commercial deadbolt, doorknob, a rim cylinder, or a mortise lock, We have the right tools to either pick, bypass, or force entry into your business or office door. These include standard picking tools, door jams, and even under the door lever reach tools. If you are locked out of your business call Extra locksmith today.

Residential Service

If you are needing a locksmith to help you with the security of your home, Extra Locksmith is the choice for you. We can help you with whatever service you may need. Whether it be replacing the locks in your home, rekeying the entire house, or simply taking a look at or fixing an old or damaged lock.

Residential Rekey

Our residential rekey services are for those people who have locks in good condition, but simply wish to change out the key that works with that lock. So maybe you have recently moved into a new house, and no longer want the old residents of that home to have access to it. Or maybe you have switched tenants, and are worried about your old ones still having the ability to get inside the home. Whatever the case may be, we have the solution for you.

Lock Repair

Is one of your locks stuck in the lock or unlocked position. Maybe the key is getting harder and harder to turn? Don’t waste your money on immediately purchasing new locks, then having to call someone to rekey them to match the rest of the locks inside of your home. Instead call Extra locksmith, it is possible that only one of the components is damaged and can be replaced or repaired.

Lock Change

Maybe your locks on your home are extremely old, or are beyond the point of repair. Don’t make the same mistake of purchasing new, yet faulty locks. When you call Extra Locksmith we can not only replace the damaged locks, but with the price of installation can usually rekey them for you as well. We offer a wide range of locks with different keyways including high security, Kwikset, and schlage keyways, along with a wide range of styles and color choices.

Commercial Services

Do you own or work in a commercial building in elk ridge? You may be in need of some commercial locksmith services. Maybe a lock inside of your business isn’t locking, or the door is jammed in the locked position. It’s also possible that a key broke off inside one of the locks. With any of these situations, and much, much more, Extra Locksmith has the solution for you.

Crash Bar Repair

A crash bar, sometimes also called a push bar, is common to have on emergency exit doors, front doors, and even back doors. They can be complex and have many moving parts that may break sometimes. If your crash bar is jamming up, or is jammed permanently in the locked or unlocked position, Extra Locksmith can take care of it for you.

Broken Key Extraction

Imagine you have tried to unlock the front door to your business, for some reason the key is really hard to turn but you force it anyways. You keep going only to find out that you just broke off your key inside the lock cylinder. One reason for this may be that you have used the wrong key, or maybe the lock itself is faulty and also needs to be repaired or replaced. If you are in this situation give us a call.

Commercial Rekey

Maybe you have recently let some employees go that had keys to your business. You asked for the keys back and they gave them to you, but how are you to know that they did not make copies of them? In these types of situations a commercial rekey is the perfect service for you. Other than just rekeying the locks we may also be able to replace the cylinders with restricted keyways that can not be duplicated as easily as going to the nearest hardware store, this way you can make sure that you won’t end up in the same situation again.


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