Ford Locksmith Services

We are a dependable and trustworthy locksmith company that can provide you with exceptional service. You can call us during the day or at night, and we will be there to fulfill your needs. Our technicians are trained and experienced and offer you the best service. We have a customer service team that is courteous is always ready to assist you with your needs.

Ford Locksmith in Provo 

Our licensed provo locksmith is qualified to provide you with automotive and car key services with precision. They can also repair and replace your car ignition. We can program  Fob keys and remotes as to ensure convenience for our customers. 

We are located throughout Utah and Texas and have service areas that are convenient to our customers. If you require further assistance, we have agents that are available to help and you can contact us for more information about our services.

Our Ford Car Key Services

We offer the latest advancements when it comes to laser cut keys at a reasonable price. You no longer have to wait for your car dealer to prepare your keys and ship them to you. We are more than equipped to create your keys. The time you spend on waiting for the manufacturer will be eliminated, and your keys will be ready within a few seconds. Our Car locksmith creates keys for a diverse range of vehicles, including classics, sports cars, vans, and trucks. We are more than qualified to fulfill your needs and deliver the best service.

Car Key Programming

Our ford automotive locksmith is an expert with programming ford car key programming and can make a key that will maximize your cars security features. No one will be able to enter your car, but you and an alarm will sound if they attempt to break into your car. Our car key programming will allow you to open and lock your car at a short distance and start your car with the push of a button. We can develop a program to enhance the security for any vehicle.

Car Key Duplication

Our services include ford car key duplication that is designed specifically for your car. We can repair and replace broken keys or make additional keys for your usage. We can make you extra keys, so you can always have a spare. You never have to worry about a lost ford key. We create keys for many different vehicles and are sure that we can make the one you need. You never know when you need a key replacement or when you misplace your keys. Our ford automotive locksmith can save you time and money when you purchase your keys with us.

Lost All Keys

If all keys lost are lost, we are here to help and can eradicate the need for you to contact your dealer. Our automotive locksmith can make a lost ford key in a brief time frame and have you driving again. Our car key duplication team does a superb job at cutting keys, and we have the tools and machinery to complete the job. We offer roadside service in case you lose your keys in transit, and we take appointments. The vehicle locksmith can meet you in the event of an emergency and get your keys to you immediately.

Ford Fob and Push to start keys

We keep up with current technology and are more than capable of making a Fob Key for your car. We offer Ford key programming features that keep your vehicle secure and is easy to use. Our keys provide protection for your car and are equipped with an immobilizer. This makes it impossible for someone to use the wrong key or hotwire your car. We install ford key programming that consists of a transponder chip. This allows your car to recognize your key and start when inserted into the ignition. We take your security seriously, and our car key programming features were implemented to deter theft.

Ford Emergency key

If you get find yourself in a situation where you are unable to locate your keys, we can make a ford emergency key for you. You never know when you need emergency keys and our automotive locksmith will be glad to assist you. We will fix your key if it is broken and stuck in the ignition. Sometimes keys are damaged, or you may find all keys lost. We understand that is why we have such a well-prepared team available to help get you moving again.

Ford ignition Services

When you need car ignition services, we can provide you with a dependable vehicle locksmith. We can fix your ignition switch when it stops working. We can send a technician to assist you. If your key gets stuck or broken in your ignition we can repair the damage at your location.

Ford ignition repair

We are more than qualified to repair your ignition and have mobile vehicle locksmiths available 7 days a week to help you. We have the proper equipment that will get your car on the road. If you are having trouble turning your ignition over, or if your car key ever gets stuck in the ignition, call Extra Locksmith in Provo today!

Ford ignition replacement

When you find that your ignition cylinder is defective, our licensed provo locksmith will assist you. We have the necessary manpower and machines needed to replace your ignition.

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