GMC Automotive Locksmith Services

Keys, keys, where are my keys?! Ever heard that, or have you ever said that? Exactly, it happens to most vehicle owners some time or another. That is when we, your automotive locksmith can help, even if you are in an all keys lost panic.

Of course, for the more organized among us, we are prepared, right? We simply reach for our duplicate keys and carry on.

Now, for all you careless key keepers here in Provo, your solution is just a phone call away. Provo locksmith can replace laser cut keys, or re-program your misplaced GMC, or any other vehicle, key in a flash. They can be on scene faster than your favorite TV detective and resolve your bad key day quickly, often before the next commercial break.

Fully licensed Provo locksmith lets you avoid the long wait and the high cost of a dealership replacement key. We can replace laser cut keys. We also offer car key programming and perform car key duplication. In addition to vehicle locksmith services, we can even replace all keys lost if there is a need.

GMC Car Key Services

Why the brilliance guiding the vehicle industry decided to call it ‘keyless entry’ is puzzling. Technically, it is not a keyless entry. A technologically designed key still gets used to gain entry. You still have to point a remote and push a button that unlocks the lock. That is the key; it is just a different form of a key.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as ‘keyless entry’. Even if your lock is voice activated, and there is no physical key in hand, your voice is the key to unlock the lock. As long as we have locks, we must have a key, of some kind, to unlock them.

Over the last roughly 40 years, beginning in the 80’s, vehicle manufacturers began offering consumers the option of remote entry initially to thwart car thieves who had become so adept at opening the old push down, pull up door locks.

Like all other car manufacturers now, GMC also features the convenience of keyless or remote entry. Offering remote entry however does not address nor solve the human frailty of forgetfulness, or getting distracted and forgetting, you guessed it, the key, remote or not. That is why your Provo automotive locksmith is so useful and valuable.

Over the years GMC has offered this convenience option, keyless or remote entry has changed. GMC is always striving to stay one step ahead of outdated locking systems.

Consequently, the technology has changed in part in reaction to thieves becoming more and more sophisticated with overcoming keyless or remote lock technology. Your local vehicle locksmith has kept pace with these changes, and can address your missing key catastrophe promptly.

The different models also have different keyless entry options, and some now come with a remote entry buttons. They usually need to be re-programmed through an onboard program, while some use special re-programming diagnostic tools to accomplish their resets.

Car Key Programming

Just a little explaining goes a long way toward helping you, our prospective customer, better understand some of the services we offer. The history of car key programming, and how it has changed over the years, gives you a little perspective. We offer this for those among you who must always know not just that something works, but how or why it works.

Remote or keyless systems depend on codes for locking and securing vehicles. Early on, manufacturers discovered codes dramatically decreased car theft. In the older remote entry systems, a transmitter in the key fob would send a specific identifying code to the receiver in the vehicle’s lock system. These locking codes only worked for the transmitter and receiver for which they were made.

The big flaw with these single code systems is that thieves discovered they could copy the codes from an unsuspecting owner. They used a transceiver nicknamed a code grabber, awfully inventive nickname isn’t it, to steal the code and its signal, store it, and use it to later steal the vehicle.

By the mid to late ‘90’s, manufacturers began using a rolling code system. This system did not accept identical codes issued consecutively, and this feature made stealing the codes useless for the thieves. In more recent years, vehicle makers have gone to encrypted codes for even better security.

Car Key Duplication

Making too many copies of your GMC key defeats the purpose, but a backup key is absolutely a smart thing to do. Keep that backup key on your person at all times while you are out and about. A duplicated key does no good left lying on the night stand at home or locked in the dash.

We can very quickly and inexpensively provide you with car key duplication upon request. Simply give us, your licensed Provo locksmith, a call, and we are glad to help.

Fob and Push to Start Keys

Consumer Reports research reveals that dealerships charge twice as much as locksmiths for the same job. We will take the time to find the problem causing the  key to fail and possibly save you money. Sometimes the fob battery simply needs replacing.

If it is not the battery, the electronics may need repair. If the key needs replacement, we can do that as well. You just do not have to pay exorbitant dealership prices if you bring your key problem to us. We can also replace your lost GMC keys.

GMC Ignition Services

Ignition Repair or Replacement

Sometimes a starting problem goes beyond a lost or malfunctioning key issue. With the repeated use of the vehicle’s ignition, and the constant turning off and on, they can become worn. Worn ignition systems and their keys will eventually fail due to wear as the vehicle ages.

Metal to metal insertion and removal over time creates worn down keys and ignition parts that are so loose they simply do not match well enough to work any longer. We are your licensed Provo locksmith, and we can repair and replace other worn ignition parts once we have correctly diagnosed your ignition-related problem.s

Come by and see us or give us a call. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we are eager to earn your business.

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