Honda Automotive Locksmith

Owners of Honda vehicles need to be in touch with a good Honda automotive locksmith to help them out when issues come up like lockouts or key problems. At Extra Locksmith, we provide service on Honda vehicles. Not only do we help individuals who own their own Hondas, but we are also a commercial Locksmith in Provo and we can help you to deal with issues with your vehicle fleet if you have company vehicles that you need to take care of.

Honda Locksmith in Provo

As a car locksmith in business in the Provo area, we offer a wide variety of services and also have all the important qualifications and credentials to ensure quality work to our clients. We are a licensed Provo locksmith, and we are also bonded and insured so that you know that you can count on us to get the job done right.

The next time you have some locksmith troubles with your Honda vehicle, get in touch with us at Extra Locksmith for assistance. We’re not just here to help with lockout problems. There are many other issues that we can help you with. The following is a brief overview of all the locksmith services we offer. Call us at (801) 852-5627 if you need assistance with any of these issues for your Honda:

Honda Car Key Services

We are able to handle all sorts of issues regarding Honda keys. As a Honda vehicle locksmith, we can assist you if you have a lost honda key that you need to have replaced. We are a vehicle locksmith who is also capable of handling more complicated key issues with Hondas.

If you’re looking for an automotive locksmith and you’re wondering if that locksmith can handle your Honda key problem, you should be aware that we provide the following Honda key services to vehicle owners:

Honda Car Key Programming

Newer Honda models have special programmable features, and you need to get in touch with an automotive locksmith equipped to handle car key programming if you are having an issue with a programmable key. We can perform car key programming on a new key if necessary. If you need a Honda emergency key because your key doesn’t seem to be working properly and you’re not sure why, please get in touch with us. We can provide you with fast service and make sure that your key will allow you to access your vehicle.

Emergency and Valet Key Duplication

If you need a Honda valet key due to an incident, Extra Locksmith is able to help. Contact us with your Honda valet key needs. Even in an emergency situation, our staff members can respond and help you out. Contact us if you need a Honda emergency key for a valet issue or any other type of emergency where you’re having trouble accessing your vehicle.

Fob and Push to Start Keys

Newer models tend to have keys that don’t require you to actually put the key in the door or in the ignition to open the door or start the car. This provides a lot of convenience. If you have problems with either a fob or push to start key, don’t make the incorrect assumption that you have to go in to the dealer to have them handle the problem. We can provide you with the assistance you need when it comes to your Honda and this type of key problem.

Lost Honda Keys

Even if you have all keys lost to you vehicle, we can still help you. We don’t have to have an existing key to duplicate but can create a key even if there are all keys lost. We offer special laser cut keys that will help in this situation. Laser cut keys are precise and can be produced quickly.

Honda Key Duplication

A lot of our customers call us up and let us know that they need car key duplication because they have lost their key. This is a simple matter for us to assist with. We offer car key duplication for all Honda models. Also, we can provide key duplication services even for newer keys if necessary.

Honda Ignition Services

Along with providing service with keys and doors, we are also a Honda vehicle locksmith who is equipped to handle ignition services. If you need Honda key programming or another service while also struggling with a failure of your ignition to respond properly, contact us. We provide both repair and replacement services when it comes to Honda ignitions.

Honda Ignition Repair

When you have an ignition issue, we will do what we can to repair it. We will come out to diagnose the issue. If it’s possible to repair the problem by installing a new part or undergoing another mechanical process, we will do it. Otherwise, we will replace your ignition.

Honda Ignition Replacement

At Extra Locksmith, we have handled numerous ignition replacement jobs and we are very prepared to carry out this task for you. If you need an ignition replacement, your vehicle is not going to start up properly regardless of what key you use. That’s why replacing your ignition quickly is important.

Affordable Automotive Locksmith in Provo

Contact us the next time you’re in need of a licensed Provo locksmith. Provo area drivers need to have a locksmith who they can count on and who is able to handle the more involved matters that Honda car keys for newer models that offer new technologies like programming or fob/push-start capabilities.

Extra Locksmith is a vehicle locksmith dedicated to providing excellent customer services. That’s we respond to the issue so quickly and come out to find you if you’re a dealing with a lost honda key or a key that needs Honda key programming. Let us be your one-stop shop for a Honda automotive locksmith capable of handling any key or locksmith problem you can throw at us.


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