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Deadbolt Locked

Imagine you have left your home, locked your deadbolt, and then lost your house keys. If this is the case then you will surely be locked out of your home. Do not panic, simply call Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake city and our expert technicians will come help you get back into your home. Most standard deadbolts work with a series of springs and pins. There are bottom pins which reside inside of the cylinder and top pins which have springs above them that push down on them. There is a small gap between the top and bottom pin, which when in the right position, between the cylinder and the housing, allows the cylinder to turn and the deadbolt to unlock. A locksmith picks a deadbolt by getting all of the pins to align while using a tension tool to turn the cylinder. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks do not work like your standard deadbolts. They do not have a series of pins and springs to be picked. Instead, they have two cylinders, one within the other, and rely on a series of springs and wafers which when aligned properly allow the cylinders to turn. Due to the fact that there are no pins and springs inside of these cylinders, it means that there is nothing for the locksmith to pick.

Fortunately, there are other tools which the locksmith can use to gain entry into your home even if you have a smart lock. One method the locksmith may be able to use would be to drill the lock off of the door. It is important not to just drill the lock in random places.

You may end up doing damage to the latch and ultimately make it extremely hard to remove the latch or unlock the door. One place to drill would be where the bolts are. The deadbolt will then fall off of the door and you could take a flathead screwdriver to use as a tailpiece and unlock the latch.

Hidden Deadbolt Lockout

A hidden deadbolt is a deadbolt whose thumb turn resides on the inside of the home. There is no cylinder on the other side of the door, only the wood of the door. Although these lockout situations are rare they do happen. There are many ways which our expert Extra Locksmith technicians in Salt Lake city can help you get back into your home if you are experiencing a deadbolt lockout. One method is to drill another lock and therefore leave a hole exposed in the door (which can then later be installed with a new lock) and use a special tool to reach inside of your home and use that tool to turn the thumb latch. Another method would be to use a special tool to figure out exactly where the latch of the hidden deadbolt is and drill a small hole through the wood to expose that latch and turn it thereby unlocking your door. A protective plate can be installed on your door afterwards to cover up the hole with your hidden deadbolt still functioning as it should be.

Doorknob Lockout

Unlike a deadbolt, a doorknob can be locked while leaving your home without your house keys. This is why it is a common occurrence for people to forget their house keys inside their home, lock their doorknob, and shut their door behind them with their keys inside their house, leaving them locked out of their home. If this has happened to you, do not panic, simply called a trained professional to help you get back inside of your home.

Lock Picking a Doorknob

One method which a locksmith might use to help you get back inside of your home would be to pick your lock. Locks work through a series of pins and springs, which when aligned properly, allow the cylinder to turn and the door to be unlocked. Locksmiths use a tension tool to apply torque to the lock while using other picking tools such as a rake tool to align the pins and get the cylinder to turn. 

Airbag method

However, it may sometimes be the case that even doorknobs are extremely difficult to pick. Standard doorknobs have five pins to align, however there do exist doorknobs with more than 5 pins making them exponentially more difficult to pick. Some doorknobs may even be smart locks making them impossible to pick. If this is the case Locksmith may wedge airbags in between your door to create space between the side of the door and the door itself. Once this is done it may expose the latch and the locksmith can then use a special tool to push the latch in and pop your door open. 

Garage Door Lockout

It may sometimes be the case that you leave your home with only your garage door opener because you know that the door inside of your garage leads to your home and is unlocked. However, due to a variety of reasons you may find yourself locked out of your garage when you get back home and try to open it. The electricity inside of your home might have gone out, or the battery inside of your garage door opener may have died. Whatever the case may be, Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake city is here to help. Our expert technicians may be able to special air wedges to create some space between your garage door. They can then use a special tool to grab and pull the string hanging from your garage door opener which will manually unlock your garage door allowing you to lift it up. 

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