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Whether you’re locked out of a building or vehicle, it’s always frustrating to have to track down a locksmith to get access to the homes and cars you use on a daily basis. You need to find a locksmith service that can come right away and provide mobile Lehi emergency Locksmith.


At Extra Locksmith, we know that our customers are depending on us to get where they need to go and enjoy coming home at the end of the day. Also, we know that our commercial clients rely on access to their business facilities for their livelihood.


Emergency Locksmith Services

Often times when you call a locksmith it is because it is an emergency situation. You have lost your car keys, locked yourself outside of your place of business, out of your vehicle, or out of your home. To help people out in these dire situations is why we started our locksmith company. If you are in one of these unfortunate situations then please, do not break a window, instead call our team here at Extra Locksmith. We will save you money with our affordable prices and get you going about your day fast with your quick arrival times. Our technicians are experienced and have seen almost every emergency situation out there, so you can be sure that they will have the knowledge and training to get you going back about your day

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Push Bar Installation

A push bar is an extremely convenient mechanism for many businesses to have over your conventional door knob or door handle. The first reason is it is often the case that fire code insists on an emergency exit being equipped with a panic, alarm sounding push bar. If this is the case and you need to get your building up to code then Extra Locksmith can help you out with that. The second is that it allows you to exit the building without using your hands, by simply pushing on the bar. If you have a place of building where people or employees are constantly exiting with their hands full (of merchandise, equipment, or trash) then it is much more convenient to be able to push on the bar rather than putting all your things down to open the door or having someone constantly there to open the door for you.

Unlocking Safes

Many people today keep their valuable items in safes. Safes range in their locking mechanisms from keys, to turn dials, to digital codes. Unfortunately it may sometimes be the case that you have either lost the key, forgotten the code, or that your safe has run out of battery and you may be in a hurry to access something from within that safe. If this is the case then look no further, call Extra Locksmith today. Our team of trained technicians have opened a wide variety of safes with different types of locking mechanisms in ways that will not harm the contents within your safe. If you are looking for a reliable technician that has experience working with safes then Extra Locksmith will be able to send one out to you.

Lost all Keys

It is an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes people lose their car keys. This is especially unlucky if you don’t have a spare key because then you are stuck somewhere with your car. If this is the case for you then you have two realistic options. First, you can try going to the dealer. You would have to get your car towed to them and on top of that pay exuberant prices for a new key. Your second and most likely better alternative is to call Extra Locksmith. This will most likely be faster and cheaper than going to the dealer. One reason why this is usually the cheaper case is because we come to you, we don’t make you pay to get your car towed to us. On top of that we specialize in making keys for vehicles so we usually do this faster and at better prices than the dealer can offer. If you have lost your car keys in Lehi then call Extra Locksmith today for a free quote and see how we can help you get going with your day.

Mobile Lehi Residential Locksmith

Extra Locksmith is a recognized leading residential locksmith brand. We can come to your home and help you out regardless of the issue you may have. If you just broke up with an ex, or if you have recently moved into a new home and need your locks rekeyed then call Extra Locksmith today! We can help give you suggestions about how to make your home more secure with security systems such as access control and CCTVs. We are the leading experts in residential locksmith services in the Lehi area.

Commercial Locksmith In Lehi

Having a lockout issue or another lock problem at a business facility can be a huge headache. The longer you’re locked out of your facility, the more money your company stands to lose. You need assistance very quickly so that you can get back to business. We offer commercial locksmith services for Lehi business owners.

Reliable Lehi Automotive Locksmith

As a mobile Lehi Automotive locksmith, we are equipped to handle almost any jobs. We have most remotes, car keys, flip keys, and high security keys in stock in our office locations and our vehicles. We also have a mobile key machine and programming machines meaning we can come, cut your key, program it, and even make you a spare key if you wish all on site making it convenient for you.

Affordable Pricing and Reliable Arrival times

Many companies offer bait and switch locksmith services, they often do this with arrival times as well as their pricing structure. You might get off the phone with the dispatcher or technician thinking you will only pay 50 dollars for a service and that you will only wait ten to fifteen minutes for the technician to arrive on site. This leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths and makes them less likely to call that company, or any other locksmith company again in the future. Our goal here at Extra Locksmith is to change the way our industry does business. That is why it is our goal to always offer accurate pricings and arrival times to our customers. We care to build a lasting and positive impact on our community so we are always honest with our customers and try to offer the best customer service that we can.

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