Commercial Lock Installation and Repair

Here at Extra Locksmith in Provo we are committed to keeping our local businesses safe and protected. That is why we offer our commercial lock installation and repair services. Do not hesitate to call us if recently opened a new commercial property and need new commercial style and grade locks installed or if your old locks are not working as they should and need to be repaired.

New Business Lock Installation

Commercial properties have unique styles of commercial grade locks for which serve different purposes depending on what the situation calls for. Some of the more common types of commercial lock cylinders include the mortise cylinder, which screws onto a mortise mechanism, the commercial door lever, and an IC core cylinder. Each of these have different purposes with different advantages and drawbacks depending on what the business owner needs.


Mortise Lock Installation

The mortise lock is the most common commercial lock type. Most businesses have this lock installed on their front door. To install this lock cylinder a mortise mechanism must first be installed on the inside of the door, the mortise lock cylinder then screws inside the mechanism with a set screw holding it in place. Some advantages of this lock is that they are fairly common so they may be easy to replace and repair. One disadvantage is that if you fire an employee and wish to change your rekey your locks then you may have to call a locksmith. Meanwhile if you have an IC core installed you may be able to change the cylinder out yourself if you wish to change keys without needing to call a locksmith.

IC core Installation

here are two main kinds of IC core, small form and large form. These describe the shape and size “housing” in which an IC core cylinder would fit. An IC core is a type of cylinder which can fit in a variety of places. It can fit within a push bar, inside of a commercial door lever, and finally like a mortise lock, an IC core can also fit within a mortise mechanism. However, the cylinder itself does not directly screw into the mortise mechanism. Instead there is a housing which is fitted onto the mortise mechanism. There are usually two pins which stick out of the IC core cylinder that fit into holes that exist within the housing. There is also a pin on the side of the cylinder which can only be activated and deactivated using something called a “control key”.

This control key pushes a pin on the side of the cylinder which when activated properly keeps the IC core cylinder inside of its housing. The advantage of an IC core cylinder is that it is very easy to use the control key to take the cylinder in and out of the housing, meaning anyone could change out the lock cylinders if they had to let their employees go and therefore want new keys. A disadvantage may be that if you lose the control key and wish to change out the cylinder it will be much more costly to do that on an IC core than it would be to rekey a simple mortise cylinder.

Commercial Door Lever Installation

Commercial door levers have a variety of functions. Some typical kinds of commercial door lever functions include the storeroom function, privacy lock, and the passage function.  The storeroom function commercial door lever stays locked on one side (the outside) and must always be opened using a key, meanwhile the other side always remains unlocked. This is good if you have an office within your commercial property that you do not want all of your employees to have access to, such as a room with cash or valuables that only the managers would have a key to. A disadvantage to this function is that if you accidentally leave the key inside the storeroom after exiting you will be locked outside of it.

The privacy locks are those that you usually see in dressing rooms or bathrooms which can be locked from the inside and unlocked only using a tool, not a key, from the outside, meanwhile, the passage lock is simply a door lever which does not lock or unlock, great for doors to separate hallways that do not need to lock.

Business Lock Repair

There may be a variety of reasons why your lock may not be working as it should be. If you find that your Commercial properties’ lock is not functioning properly, if you are finding it hard to turn your key inside the cylinder, or if your property is simply not locking when you turn the key then give Extra Locksmith in Provo a call.

Mortise Mechanism Repair

One reason that your lock is not engaging when you turn the key inside of the cylinder could be due to an issue with the mortise mechanism itself. If the fresh installation was not done properly, or if one of the screws or springs is slightly out of place then it could be the reason why your lock is not working properly. If this is the case Our trained locksmith technicians will be able to get on site, diagnose the problem, and repair the mechanism for you so that you can go about your day knowing your business is safe and secure.

Mortise Mechanism Replacement

Sometimes the mortise mechanism may be so broken that it is beyond repair. It may be so stripped that a Mortise lock would not be able to be screwed onto the mechanism, or the part which the tailpiece of the mortise cylinder is supposed to engage may be completely broken. If this is the case simply call Extra Locksmith, our friendly and professional technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and fit you with a new mortise mechanism.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Business Key Extraction

Imagine that you go to lock up your store, start turning your key and feel that the cylinder is not turning and that the key is stuck inside of the lock cylinder. Sometimes with a little bit of luck and WD40 you may be able to turn the key and get everything back to working as it should be. However, our number one recommendation is that you do not try to force the key to turn inside of the cylinder if you are finding that it is stuck. If you do then you may end up breaking the key inside of the cylinder which would only serve to further degenerate your situation. Instead call our friendly dispatchers at Extra Locksmith in Provo and they will send a technician your way.

IC core Key Extraction

Often times the reason why a key gets stuck within the cylinder of an IC core type lock is because something within the mechanism has become loose. This is a common problem which our technicians see and are very well equipped to resolve. A common solution would be to take a part the mechanism, This will usually free up the cylinder and allow the key to come out. The next step would be to properly lubricate everything, put it back together and tighten the loose pieces. This will usually resolve the issue at hand and allow everything to go back to working as it should.

Mortise Lock Key Extraction

Sometimes a key may even become stuck inside of a mortise lock. This can happen for a variety of reasons. One reason may be that the set screw may have come loose and the mortise lock can become slightly unhinged from its original position. If this is the case then the tail piece would not be able to move freely as it should. The solution would then be to take the lock off of the mechanism, remove the key, put everything back together as it should be and replace the set screw if need be. Another reason why the key may become stuck inside of a mortise lock could be due to the pins within the cylinder coming out of place. The solution to this would be to try to carefully remove the cylinder from its housing, push the key out from the backside of the  cylinder, and perform a re key if need be.

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