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Door locks prevent unauthorized entry into your home. Whether it is someone who means harm or someone you simply do not want in your home, the lock prevents them from barging inside. Locks ensure your safety as well as your peace of mind when you’re enjoying a quiet night of television with the family, when you’re tucked into bed, and when you’re away at work or otherwise enjoying life. When the locks on your door aren’t living up to expectations, don’t sweat the problem. Instead, call your Provo locksmith right away. Extra Locksmith is the Provo residential locksmith who has the perfect solution to your door lock needs. Whether you need a new lock installed due to damage or if you’re ready to upgrade, we invite you to learn firsthand why there’s no better choice for Provo lock installation.

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Residential Lock Installation

When Extra Locksmith comes to your home, we arrive on-time, prepared for the job with the tools and accessories necessary to provide the work. Lock issues are frustrating and put a damper on the day, but our experts ensure that it isn’t a problem that ruins the day. We’ll get your lock repair or install completed quickly, but we’ll never cut corners to make that happen. We listen to our customers’ needs and go the extra mile to provide thorough, efficient lock installation that eases your mind and maximizes your security. No matter what door lock at your home is causing trouble, our experts have the solution.

As a company that vows to deliver exceptional services to our customers in every way possible, we continue our proficient service via affordable prices on every lock installation we provide. Money is hard to come by these days. Of course, we have to make money in order to operate as a business, but that isn’t to say we forget the importance of providing our valued customers amazing prices for our services. Call us for an estimate and compare our prices to other Provo residential locksmith companies. We’re confident in our prices, as well as our thorough services.

Bump-Proof Lock Installation

“Bumping” a lock is a lock picking technique. Keys of the same shape will fit the same shape locks. For example, any key that has a kwikset key-way of KW1 will fit any lock that matches that shape. The bump lock picking technique takes advantage of this by using a key which matches the shape of the lock you have and quickly tapping on it as to make the pins go up and down rapidly. After some time the pins can align correctly and the lock may open. Bump proof locks do not allow this to happen. If you wish to get a bump proof or a pick proof lock such as Mul-T lock then call Extra Locksmith today!

Deadbolt Installation Service

A deadbolt usually offers added security features versus a normal door knob lock. The latch of a deadbolt can not be easily turned by pushing on its side. This makes it very difficult to use a credit card along the side of the latch to unlock the door. Deadbolts are also usually harder to pick and to drill versus a normal deadbolt. Here at Extra locksmith we carry a variety of deadbolts with different keyways including Kwikset and Schlage keyway deadbolts.

Fresh Lock installation

A fresh installation is an installation of a lock where a hole does not already exist or needs to be modified so that a lock can fit on it. Here at extra locksmiths our technicians work with great care and precision to make sure that they can cleanly perform a fresh lock installation on your door. So whether you have recently purchased a new door, or have a door with only one hole for a doorknob but wish to add a deadbolt,  you can call Extra Locksmith in Provo to take care of the situation for you

Doorknob Installation Service

Most Doors have door knobs. Door Knobs allow you to close the door and keep it shut without having to worry about actually twisting the doorknob or always locking your door. This is because the latch of the doorknob gets pushed it when something is alongside it. Call our team at Extra Locksmith today to get a doorknob installed in your home. Our friendly technicians will be able to provide you with information if you need it or provide you the service that you require if you already have one in mind.

Broken Lock Repair

Most Locks work in a similar way and there can be many reasons as to why a specific lock will stop working. Sometimes the pins are old and simply need to be lubricated to function like they used to. The pins can sometimes be damaged and may need to be replaced. Sometimes the door has shifted over time and the latch no longer fits in the hole like it is supposed to. The latch inside of the lock can also sometimes be broken, or the doorknob might be missing a crucial spring. If your lock is not at the point beyond repair then our trained technicians at Extra locksmith in Provo may be able to save you money by  fixing the lock rather than having to get a new lock as well as getting it rekeyed to the proper key.

Licensed Provo Locksmith

Don’t trust any locksmith company in town. Such a decision could cost you at the end of the day, leaving you to fend for yourself when it is time to repair damages or recoup what’s been lost from the inexperienced workmanship some companies provide when installing locks. When you hire a locksmith, it is imperative that you hire a licensed, insured company that has the expertise to back them and the protection that keeps your mind at ease. Extra Locksmith is licensed and insured for your peace of mind and protection.

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