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Here at Extra Locksmith we offer a wide range of mobile locksmith services to the city of Saratoga springs. This includes Commercial, Automotive, Residential, and Emergency services, straight to your door.


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Saratoga Springs Locksmith Services

Locksmith services are not limited to residential and commercial buildings, they can also be used in commercial facilities like restaurants, bars, supermarkets, motels, office buildings, warehouses, hotels, airports and even banks. The most common tasks performed by locksmith services include replacing keys, unlocking safes, and making duplicate keys. Depending on the requirements of the particular client, these services may also include performing lock repair, key rekeying and emergency locksmith services such as lost all car keys or ignition repair & Replacement. 

Car Lockout Saratoga Springs

Have you been locked out of your car in Saratoga springs? Call Extra Locksmith today and let us help you get on with your day. No matter the type of vehicle, Extra Locksmith can help you today!

Car Key Replacement Services

Did you lose the keys to your vehicle? Don’t call a tow truck and the dealer. Save money today by instead calling Extra Locksmith. Whether it is a chipped key, metal key, or a push to start FOB, Extra Locksmith can help you today!

Saratoga Springs House Lockout

Maybe you lost the keys to your house, or have locked your home’s bottom doorknob, closed the door behind you, and realized you left the keys inside. Whatever the case may be, Extra Locksmith is here to help you get back inside of your house

Lock Repair

Whether it is a doorknob or a deadbolt, a commercial or a residential lock, if you are having issues with your locks, Extra Locksmith is here to help. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse, give us a call today and find out how we can get your locks working again!


Don’t waste your time and money by purchasing a whole new set of locks every time you want a new key to work with your door. Call Extra Locksmith today and have one of our technicians come to your door and rekey your locks instead.

Lock Replacement

Are the locks in your home not secure enough? Maybe they got damaged and are beyond the point of repair. Call Extra Locksmith today to change out the locks on your place of business or in your home.

Fresh Lock Installation

Do you have a side or garage door with only a doorknob? The saying is true, you are only as strong as your weakest link. If one of the doors in your home or place of business is easy to get through, it doesn’t matter how secure the other ones are. Call Extra Locksmith today for a fresh installation of a new lock on one of your doors.

Access Control

Are you tired of handing out keys to your home or place of business and not knowing who actually has access? Fix this issue with an access control system today. We offer everything from as simple as a keypad lock, to as complicated as access control cards that can be programmed with different times and keeping track when and who is coming in or out of the building.

Broken Key Extraction

Has a key broken inside one of the doors in your home or office? Don’t worry, Call Extra Locksmith today! We will be able to send someone out, take out the broken key, and cut a new one for you or repair the lock if it needs work done on it.

More Information on Car Key Programming In Saratoga Springs, Utah

Car Lock Programming, allows users to lock and unlock their vehicles with the use of a transponder key. The transmitter for the transponder key is placed inside the ignition of the car, either on the dash or on the floor near the driver’s seat. Remote control programming works via a radio receiver that has the capacity of sending out a radio signal that will activate the car’s ignition and activate the locking mechanism. Also, if the ignition is turned on, the transponder key can be activated by the driver. The transmitter for the transponder key is usually contained within a small radio transmitter unit that is not visible to the passenger and driver of the car.
A programmed car key or remote enables drivers to use their cars in different ways, such as unlocking it, starting it, opening doors, and opening the trunk. 

A more complicated requires a little more advanced programming method with specific information, such as a key’s model number, serial number, and car type. The type of programming required depends upon the car type that a person drives, for example, if a person drives a luxury sedan, they will require a more advanced car key programming. Owners of these types of cars will have to enter a series of numbers into a keypad. Owners who drive a car with a factory key and a factory keyless remote will need the same kind of key programming as a regular car owner.

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