Payson, Utah

Payson is a city located in Utah county. It is considered to be located within the orem/provo metroplex. As of 2018 census statistics, the population of the city is just under twenty thousand residents. It was first settled by pioneers from the church of Latter Day Saints led by Edward Pace Jr. Extra Locksmith now offers our commercial, automotive, residential, and emergency mobile locksmith services to Payson.




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Commercial Locksmith Services

Extra Locksmith is proud to serve payson utah with our commercial locksmith services. Our technicians are now fully mobile in our Extra Locksmith vans. Our technicians will be able to come to your business with whatever tools and parts you may need. Whether it is to install new parts, repair locks, rekey locks, or much more, we have got you covered.

Allen Mechanism Replacement

Most standard commercial glass doors come equipped with an allen mechanism. This is a mechanism that a mortise lock is typically screwed onto on the outside, and can be equipped with either a thumb turn, or another mortise lock on the inside of the door for additional security. If someone has tried to break into your business, or simply over time, these can wear down and break. If your lock is not working properly at your business, it is possible that you may need a new allen mechanism on your door.

Commercial Lock Rekey

If you are worried about who may have access to your place of business. Maybe you have given out too many keys and don’t remember who still has access. Maybe you have recently let an employee go and aren’t sure if they haven’t made copies of those keys and are worried about them potentially coming back to your place of business. If this is the case and all of your locks are still working properly, Extra Locksmith can come to your door and change out the pins in those locks. This way we save you the money of replacing those locks, making them work with new keys instead.

High security Commercial Locks

We can take the rekey one step further, so that you do not have the same issues again about wondering who has access to your door through duplicating those keys. Instead of a rekey we can install high security locks, or locks with restricted keyways. On top of these locks being harder to get through and pick, the keys are also harder to duplicate. There are several options for these types of locks. Some are so restricted that you can not duplicate those without going to whoever installed those locks in the first place. Others can’t be duplicated at your local hardware store, and most locksmiths would even have to order the key blank in as they are not common to keep in stock.

Crash Bar repair

We often get calls about crash bars, push bars, emergency exit doors not working properly. Sometimes they can be repaired by swapping out parts like gears inside of the crash bars. A lot of crash bars have gears inside of them that simply wear down overtime. Others need to be totally replaced. Some of the most common crash bars to break down overtime are those with heavy vertical rods that are moved by gears. We always offer the option to simply repair those, which is the cheaper option. However, with those types of doors, we also offer our customers to simply replace those mechanisms with ones that do not rely on cheap gears. This way they are guaranteed to be left with something that will last much longer over time.


Lost car keys

If you have lost your car keys in Payson, Extra Locksmith is here to help. We can come out right to your and cut a new car key for your vehicle, even if you have lost all previous keys. We can sometimes cut by a key code on the door or through a lock in your car, and even run the VIN if those options are not available.

Laser Cut Car Keys

A laser cut key is a car key with the cuts on the inside of the key. This is opposed to standard keys with cuts on the outside, like standard car keys or house keys. These are harder to duplicate and need a special machine instead of being able to do it with a manual punch machine or by hand.

Push to Start FOBs

If you have lost your FOB to a push to start or simply want one duplicated, we can help you with that as well. We have special programmers that can program a FOB to work with and start your car, as well as tools to cut the emergency blade inside of the FOB.

Car Key Programming

Most cars today have immobilizers. The immobilizer works by reading a certain transmission from the key. If it is not read the immobilizer automatically shuts off the fuel pump. We can cut and program a transponder key to work to actually start your vehicle.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Our automotive technicians have vans that are fully equipped to handle the majority of automotive locksmith jobs. Whether it be cutting and programming a transponder key, laser cutting a car key, or simply cutting a metal key, our technicians have the tools and parts to do it. If you are looking for a mobile automotive locksmith in payson, Extra Locksmith is here to help.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Extra Locksmith is now offering all of our emergency mobile locksmith services to the residents of Payson. We come right to your door and help with whatever emergency you may be experiencing. Whether you are locked out of your vehicle, home, business, or anything else like even a bedroom door, we are here to help. When you call our dispatchers be ready with the following information, where the emergency is (the address), what you are locked out of, and if possible what type of lock. This way we can help better serve you with accurate pricing estimates as well as transparent estimated arrival times.


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