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A Push Bar is something many businesses may wish to consider installing within their property. It is a great choice for back exits of many commercial properties where the employees often have their hands full while exiting the building. One example may be a restaurant where employees take the trash out through the back of the building. Instead of needing to turn a handle their hands can be full while pushing on the push bar to exit the building. In many buildings Push bars are often required as a safety precaution in emergency exits along with alarms to notify others that the emergency exit was used.
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Push Bar Exit Device Installation

Our friendly and professional technicians here at Extra Locksmith in Provo are trained in performing fresh installations of push bars in commercial properties. We have a variety of push bars to choose from depending on your situation. When our technician arrives on site they will see exactly what you need and help you decide which kind of push bar would be best for you, whether it be a vertical or a horizontal push bar.

Push Bar Exit Device Repair

Sometimes your push bar may not function as it should. There could a variety of reasons why this is the case. Sometimes a spring or screw may have come loose on the inside of the push bar. If it is a vertical panic device then one of the rods may have retracted or elongated. This may cause the push bar not to close or lock properly. If this is the case simply call Extra Locksmith in Provo. Our trained technicians will be able to come on site and diagnose the issue your push bar exit device is experiencing. You can be sure that if it can be repaired that one of our friendly technicians will be able to find out and repair it for you.

Push Bar Key Extraction

One common problem that people experience with Push Bar Exit Devices is the key getting stuck within the lock of the exit device. This may happen due to people being overly rough with the door on which the panic bar exit device is located. Some screws or springs may come out of place and the lock may become unhinged from its intended position.
This is usually an IC core type cylinder or a rim cylinder, It is seldom a mortise cylinder although some push bar exit devices may be equipped with them. Regardless of the kind of cylinder the procedure always has the same theory behind it. Take apart the mechanism, remove the key from the cylinder, repair or replace the damaged parts and put everything back to its intended position. After taking these steps the problem of a key stuck in a push bar will usually be resolved.

Emergency Exit Door Alarm Installation

It is sometimes the case that you wish your Push Bar Exit Device to be hooked up to an alarm. This is often the case with emergency exits especially those which are fire escapes. Our locksmith technicians know how to equip your Push Bar Exit Device with the proper alarm depending on your needs. If you would like a fresh installation of a panic bar along with an emergency exit door alarm, or simply wish to repair or install a emergency exit door alarm to an already existing push bar do not hesitate to call Extra Locksmith in Provo today. You will be connected to one of our friendly dispatchers who will then send out a reliable locksmith technician to your location.

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