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People use safes for a variety of reasons. Often times people use safes to store valuables such as jewelry, firearms, or important files and documents. Safes are not only useful because they can keep your valuables safe from man made disasters such as human intrusion, they can also protect your valuables from natural disasters. Many safes are fireproof and even water resistant. This means that in the event of a flood or fire your important documents and valuables may be kept unhurt if they reside in the proper safe. 

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Safe Lockout

Different safes have different kinds of locking mechanisms. There are digital safes, safes which require a key to lock and unlock, and dial combination safes. Unfortunately while safes may be useful in storing valuable possessions, they may also keep the rightful owner from being able to access those valuables. The owner of the safe may lose the key, the battery of the safe may die making the keypad useless, or the owner may simply forget the combination of the digital or dial safe. 

Key Safe Lockout

If it is a safe which is unlocked using a key, a variety of methods may be used to gain entry to the safe. One method which a locksmith could use would be to simply pick the lock of the safe. Through lots of practice one may be  able to pick and gain access to the safe. Another way to gain entry to a key safe would be to drill the pins out of the cylinder, this should be done carefully as drilling in the wrong place will not yield access to the safe. Some safes may even be opened simply by prying them open 

Digital and Dial combination Safe Lockout

You may be locked out of your digital or dial combination safe for a variety of reasons. Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake City can help you out whether you have simply forgotten the combination, or even if the battery on your digital safe has died. There are many different methods to opening a safe. Some digital safes such as sentry safes may be opened with a very strong magnet. Many safes also have serial numbers somewhere on them. The serial number is used to identify that safe. The serial number on the safe acts very similar to a VIN number on a car. If you have forgotten the code to your dial combination safe it may be possible to run the serial number through software which may give us back the combination. Other brute force ways to enter a safe is by dropping safes on their head. This method works by shaking the pin which lets you turn the knob to move the latch in and out of the locked position. 
However, if you have fragile items in your safe this may not be the best option for you. Another way to open many safes is by drilling the safe where the latch is supposed to enter when the safe is locked. This is tricky and takes experience to know where the latches are. It may take multiple drill attempts to find the latch, most commonly safes have 2 to 3 latches which keep the safe locked when in position. One good way to find where the latches are is by using a borescope, because you will not be able to see the latches with the naked eye as they are hidden by the covering of the safe. If you do not have a borescope, alternatively you may wish to drill the side of the safe until you find that your drill bit hits a hard metal that is more difficult or impossible to drill through with your drill bit. If you have hit that hard surface you have probably hit one of the latches which keep the safe locked. Once you have found the latch you can use a flathead screwdriver and a hammer to push the latches to the unlocked position and either open the safe by hand, or sometimes you may need a little extra help and use a pry bar to pull the safe open. 

Safe Installation

Safes are valuable because they keep your sensitive items protected from human intrusion as well as some natural disasters. However, the safe may be pointless if an intruder can walk into your home, pick up your safe, and walk out with it. This is why many safes especially gun safes are large and heavy, as to protect from intruders being able to walk out and leave with your safe. Fortunately, there is no need to worry if your safe is small, lightweight, and easy enough to carry outside of your home. If this is the case the best option is always to call a locksmith to come help you install and bolt down your safe in a secure manner which will prevent intruders from being able to pick it up and walk out of your home with it. Call Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake City today and see how we can help you properly and securely install your safe inside of your home.

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