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At Extra Locksmith, we do our best to take the frustration out of lockouts and other locksmith issues for our customers. We know that being locked out is frustrating, but we offer prompt service and we get our customers into their homes or vehicle as quickly as possible.

Our Mobile Locksmith Services in Springville include

In addition to providing various services as a mobile Springville emergency locksmith, we also offer other services involving key replacement or security features for buildings. Another service you can contact us at Extra Locksmith for is automobile lockout assistance. The following is a rundown of the major services we offer:


Fresh Installation

Here at Extra locksmith in Utah we provide the city of springville a variety of fresh installation services. Our most basic fresh installation services are for residential buildings (apartments or family homes). If you need a lock installed where there isn’t already a hole in the door then this is the perfect service for you. Another example of where this would be useful is if you wanted to install a hidden deadbolt (single sided deadbolt) where there isn’t one already. This gives the added benefit of adding additional security to your home by adding a locking mechanism that can not be accessed from outside of the home.

Commercial Grade Locks

Here at Extra Locksmith we have a plethora of commercial grade locks in stock. Different commercial doors are made for different locks. Whether you need a commercial grade deadbolt, door knob, or a mortise lock installed in springville, extra locksmith’s mobile services have got you covered! Along with our fresh installation and normal installation services we also offer commercial rekey and master rekey services, so if you have a certain key in mind that you want to work for the lock we install for you then we can do that as well.

Business Lockout

It is a very unfortunate situation to be in when you get locked out of your business. This is because you are not only wasting precious time that you could be working, you are also most likely losing money at the same time. That is why Extra Locksmith offers our emergency business lockout services to the city of Springville. We have unbeatable prices and unlike most companies we also strive to give accurate arrival times as not to inconvenience you, our customer, or keep you waiting around.

Car Lockout

A mobile springville automotive locksmith is necessary to help you deal with all kinds of car lockout issues that could come up. If you drive around each and every day and you’re in a hurry when you go from here to there, you need the help of our professional locksmith technicians at Extra locksmith. A car lockout can create a real holdup for you. You won’t be able to get to your next destination and drive your car if you can’t get in your car or start the ignition. Contact us right away when you get locked out of your vehicle and our mobile locksmith will come out and find you.

Car Key Programming

Most vehicles today come equipped with immobilizer anti theft technology. This makes it harder to steal your car, however it also makes it more difficult to find a working key to your vehicle. It means that most likely the key you have will need to be programmed in order to work to start your car.  If you are in springville and you need a car key programmed then look no further than extra locksmith. We carry a wide variety of car key programmers, as well as car keys to ensure that we can help out almost any customer in any given situation.

Access Control

An access control system is a way to reliable secure entrance to a commercial facility. Business owners need to make sure that their facilities are secure to avoid problems like theft. You probably need help figuring out which access control system you need and what steps you should take to ensure it’s proper installation. We’ll answer all your questions on security issues at your facility so that there’s nothing you need to worry about. Don’t stress out about commercial facility security anymore with our help.

Master Rekey services

Let’s say you are a landlord with multiple commercial or residential properties. It is a huge hassle to have to carry tens, sometimes even hundreds of keys wherever you go while trying to keep track which key works for which property. An easy solution to this problem is to have all of your properties keys to a master key system. This will allow you to give each tennant a different key from every other tennant while allowing you to simultaneously have a single key that works and grants you access to each property.

Mobile Springville Residential Locksmith

Are you in need of a mobile Springville emergency locksmith at your residence? Owners of residences could need locksmith services for a wide variety of reasons. In addition to a house lockout, homeowners might need emergency services to duplicate keys or install locks that will bring security back to a structure. Our locksmiths are ready and able to help with all kinds of residential locksmith issues, and they are able to do it in emergency situations where mobile services are required.

Commercial Locksmith In Springville

One of the most pressing issues for a business owner is having access to commercial facilities during business hours to ensure peak productivity. If you’ve been locked out of your commercial facility, let us know and we’ll get you back in business in no time.

Affordable Springville Fork Automotive Locksmith

A lot of people are especially frustrated when they get locked out of their vehicles because they think that it’s going to be very expensive to get back inside their cars. With Extra Locksmith, we offer affordable services so that your lockout ordeal won’t cost you as much as you feared.

Contact Your Local Locksmith in Springville

Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as the need arises for a locksmith in the Springville area. While you’ll always have to deal with a little bit of frustration when you’re briefly locked out of your home, business facility, or vehicle, we will do everything we can to minimize the stress of the episode. Call us at Extra Locksmith and let us help you get back to your busy schedule once you regain access.

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