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Toyota Locksmith Services

Have you searched for a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith in the Central Utah Area? Extra Locksmith works as an experienced commercial locksmith in Provo. We offer a full range of car locksmith services. Call us today at 801-852-5627 to request assistance with a variety of challenging automotive locksmith problems.

Toyota Car Key Services

For example, we serve as skilled locksmiths on many different makes and models of vehicles. We offer Toyota car key services. Contact us for help resolving any of these common types of situations requiring a skilled vehicle locksmith:

  • Accidental auto lockouts;
  • Lockouts from trunks or glove compartments;
  • Broken or bent keys;
  • Damaged key fobs;
  • Malfunctioning auto locks, and more!
  • Remote head keys

We offer a full range of services. If you encounter problems with your Toyota vehicle locks, call us to resolve any of these issues:

Toyota Car Key Programming

Do you seek capable Toyota key programming services for your auto? Don’t spend money requesting a tow to your local automotive dealership! Instead, simply ask a licensed Provo locksmith from Extra Locksmith to supply skilled car key programming services for you. Our technicians furnish complete Toyota key programming assistance.

Toyota Car Key Duplication

We also help customers by cutting duplicate auto keys on demand. Our laser cut keys assist households seeking to provide keys for additional drivers. You don’t need to expend a large sum of money to obtain spare keys for your fleet. Instead, call Extra Locksmith at 801-852-5627 and ask us to make extra laser cut keys while you wait. (This fast, convenient service also helps ensure you won’t find yourself stranded if you accidentally misplace or lose your car keys.)

Toyota Fob and Push to Start Keys

Ask us to help resolve problems whenever you need the assistance of a skilled Toyota vehicle locksmith. We possess extensive experience repairing damaged fobs. As more autos rely on push to start keys, the condition of a key fob sometimes proves important in ensuring access to the vehicle. Our well-trained, licensed locksmiths offer valuable assistance keeping key fobs in great condition!

Lost Toyota Keys

Have you misplaced or lost Toyota keys? This situation happens more often than many drivers appreciate. Whether you left home without your keys, or you lost them following a roadside accident or mishap, depend on Extra Locksmith to furnish skilled vehicle locksmith services in the Greater Provo Area. We’ll help you replace a lost Toyota key quickly, without having to pay to tow your vehicle to a garage repair shop or an auto dealership!

Toyota Emergency And Valet Key Duplication

When you require fast assistance with car key duplication, Extra Locksmith offers a smart choice. We help auto owners by replacing all keys lost during fender benders, for example. Ask us to cut duplicate sets of keys for your auto and for your home, office, or storage unit. Possessing a spare set of keys also offers great convenience whenever you request valet auto parking services. You’ll gain greater peace of mind knowing you can access your spare keys if a parking garage valet accidentally damages or misplaces your auto keys.

Toyota Ignition Services

When you need car ignition services, we can provide you with a dependable vehicle locksmith. We can fix your ignition switch when it stops working. We can send a technician to assist you. If your key gets stuck or broken in your ignition we can repair the damage at your location.

Toyota Ignition Repair

Lost Toyota key issues pale in comparison to the distress of car owners who have keys that jam or break apart inside an auto ignition. Unfortunately, this type of mishap occurs far more frequently than many drivers appreciate. Automotive keys do sometimes bend or break. If your Toyota keys become “stuck” in the vehicle ignition, don’t panic. Simply contact Extra Locksmith. We’ll send a qualified automotive locksmith to help retrieve a jammed key correctly from the vehicle.

Toyota Ignition Replacement

Perhaps your vehicle has sustained damage after an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve a bent or broken key? We offer on-demand automotive ignition replacement. We possess the capability to replace all keys lost during an accident, and to fix the automotive ignition, too! This service greatly pleases drivers who may require the use of their vehicle immediately after a minor fender bender. We’ll help you use your vehicle again quickly, without having to wait days or weeks for repair assistance from a garage. Don’t spend money on a temporary rental car. Instead, request our convenient service whenever you need rapid Toyota ignition replacement!

Contact Your Local Automotive Locksmith today!

Do you require assistance from a skilled Toyota vehicle locksmith? Contact Extra Locksmith at 10 E. 300 North in Provo Utah (in the 84606 zip code area). Call us at

now. We’ll send a technician to your location to help resolve the problem!

For fast automotive locksmith assistance, rely on Extra Locksmith. Our fully licensed, bonded and insured company serves the entire Provo Area. Contact us whenever you need a licensed Provo locksmith to resolve an auto key or ignition emergency!

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