Transponder Keys

If you are looking to get a new transponder key cut and programmed, or simply have a duplicate made, give Extra Locksmith a call today.

Car Key Programming

Most cars today are equipped with something called an immobilizer. This immobilizer is hooked up to the ECU of your vehicle. It automatically shuts the fuel pump of your vehicle off if a certain frequency is not detected. This has to come from the chip inside of the key which needs to be programmed to send the frequency to the immobilizer. This is a great anti theft security mechanism. It prevents someone from taking off and stealing your vehicle if they try to force your ignition to turn over.


ECU Replacement

Sometimes people replace their steering wheel column or their ECU or immobilizer. If this is the case it is possible that the new immobilizer and ECU will need to be synced up to each other using special programmers before a key can even be programmed to the vehicle itself. If you have recently replaced your ignition, ecu, or immobilizer, and are in need of those to be synced and your new keys to be programmed, give us a call today.

Damaged or Deprogrammed Chips

It is sometimes possible for chips to get damaged. Some chips are made of glass and are therefore fragile. If a key takes a hit maybe the chip has cracked. If your car key used to work to start your car, and is no longer working to do so, it is possible you may be experiencing one of these issues. A good thing to check is the security light in your vehicle, if the security light is on or flashing, then it means that the car is not recognizing the key any longer. Extra Locksmith can help you with this and many more issues.

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