Car Lockout

Different cars have different locking mechanisms. This is why some cars may be more difficult to unlock han others. Some cars may have a sliding mechanism which needs to be grabbed and pulled up in order to unlock the car. Some cars may be unlocked by pressing an unlock button on the driver’s side door handle, while other cars may be unlocked by using a special tool to grab the door handle. Some cars such as certain BMW’s and cadillacs must be unlocked using a very specific procedure such as hitting the unlock button on the center console, followed by using a special tool to grab the door lever, and finally using a special tool to grab the sliding mechanism which locks and unlocks the door.


Trunk Lockout

Imagine a scenario where you are either removing groceries out of your trunk or loading your trunk up with groceries. You may find that you accidentally slam your trunk shut with the keys still inside of it. If this is the case do not panic, Call Extra Locksmith in Salt Lake City and one of our professional locksmith technicians will come help you in your time of need. With certain car models it may be possible to unlock the car then simply click a trunk release button to open the trunk. Other cars may have a back seat which folds down and reveals the trunk. However, there are other vehicles which have security mechanisms that disable the trunk release buttons as soon as the car is unlocked not using the car keys. If this is the case our technicians would be able to make a metal car key for your vehicle to disable this security mechanism and gain you access to your trunk.

Truck Lockout

As with cars, trucks also have different locking mechanisms and security features. For example, certain trucks’ alarm systems automatically go off as soon as one tries to unlock the vehicle from outside the truck without a car key. The truck’s security system will then trigger and the doors will almost instantaneously re lock. There are a few ways in which a locksmith may get around this anti theft mechanism. One is to have exceptionally good timing. It may sometimes be possible to open the door right as the locksmith unlocks the vehicle, however, if they are unsuccessful in doing so then the alarm will go off and they will need to wait a few minutes for the alarm to turn off before attempting to unlock the vehicle a second time.


SUV Lockout

Like Trucks and Cars, SUV’s may also have anti theft security mechanisms. Another common way to bypass these mechanisms in SUV’s may be to grab the keys from inside of the SUV. If the Keys are in plain sight and are in reach of the locksmith’s tools they may be able to grab the keys and use them to unlock the vehicle. One other possible method is to disable the security mechanism altogether. The security mechanism is kept on due to the electricity supplied by the battery of the vehicle. Therefore, the locksmith may sometimes be able to use a special tool to pop the hood of the car open and then disconnect the battery from the vehicle. Once the locksmith does this they should be able to unlock your SUV and get you on your way.

18 wheeler lockout

The locksmith’s most trusted tool when it comes to vehicle lockouts is an air wedge. Locksmith’s use this tool to create space so that they can use other tools to reach inside of the vehicle with other tools to either grab, push, or pull a variety of locking mechanisms. With 18 wheeler’s it may be much harder to create space than other cars, trucks or SUVs. One way around this may be to use multiple airbags, however, this may prove to be extremely difficult or even nearly impossible especially on older semi trucks. In these cases a locksmith may often times have to  rely on a slim jim to unlock the vehicle.

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