Woodland Hills, Utah

Woodland Hills is a city in Utah county located just to the east of Elk ridge, right by Payson as well. As of 2018 the population census data shows a population of slightly over 1500. According to census data Woodland hills also has the highest median income in the state of utah. Extra Locksmith is now providing our wide range of mobile locksmith services to the city of woodland hills, including commercial, automotive, residential, and emergency locksmith services.

Popular Services We Offer:

Transponder Key Duplication

A transponder is a chip inside of the car key. Most cars today have immobilizers. These immobilizers automatically shut off the fuel pump if the ignition turns over without getting a certain frequency signal reading. This is great as an anti theft mechanism, but it also means that on top of having a key cut to your vehicle, you will also need that key to be programmed.

Laser Cut car keys

A laser cut car key is a high security form of a key blade. Usually they will be rectangular and the cuts will be on the inside of the key rather than the outside. This means that the key can not be cut by hand, or using a manual key cutting machine. Luckily here at Extra Locksmith our mobile technician’s vans are equipped with high end car key cutting machines that can cut these laser cut car keys.

Push to Start FOBs

Some modern cars today even go one step further by totally removing the key in ignition concept all together. Instead of having these where the ignition would be there is a button instead. You would usually be able to have your key on you in your pocket and press that button to start the vehicle. These keys have special chips inside of them and remotes that need to be programmed in order to actually start your vehicle.

Car Key Programming

Here at Extra Locksmith we don’t just cut car keys. We program them as well. Our technicians all have special key programmers that they can hook up to your vehicle through the OBD II connector. Some of these machines run on tokens which need to be refilled or updated every month, meaning that there is a cost to programming each key, while other machines can be used for free. Depending on the type of vehicle and the machine needed to program your car key the price may vary. However, we will always attempt to answer any questions over the phone, or connect you through to one of our technicians to do so.

Commercial lock Repair

It is unfortunate that over time things can wear down and break. This also includes locks and locking mechanisms. Whatever type of lock or locking mechanism you may have on your door, Extra Locksmith can repair or replace it for you. Maybe your allen mechanism isn’t working as it should and simply needs to be lubed, sometimes however, it is necessary to replace them all together. We also repair standard crash bars which latch to the side, vertical rod push bars, commercial door levers and deadbolts, and much, much more. Give us a call today if you are having an issue with one of your commercial locks.

Residential Lockout Services

Are you locked outside of your home or apartment. Don’t panic and try to break a window, call a mobile locksmith instead. We can unlock and get into all types of residential locks. Whether it be your standard deadbolts and door knobs, or even smart locks which include keypad deadbolts. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you get back inside of your home. We have a variety of picks and bypass tools for any situation.

Automotive Lockout Services

We cover any type of automotive locksmith service. So if you are locked out of your car, turck, SUV, or even an 18 wheeler, give us a call today. We can even help you out if you are locked out of your trunk but still have access to your car if your keys may be locked in your trunk but there is no direct connection between the car and the trunk itself. We can also cut you a metal key that may only work to unlock the car, but not start the vehicle, in case you find yourself in this situation again.




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