New Lock Installation

There are many reasons why you may wish to install new locks on your doors. You may have moved into a new home, or your locks may simply be old and defective. Whether you need new deadbolts or door-knobs installed, don’t hesitate to contact Extra Locksmith in Provo. We carry a variety of Lock brands including the most common keyways like Schlage and Kwikset. There are many interbrand as well as intrabrand differences between lock cylinders. Some of these differences include color, material from which the lock is produced, and the shape and function of the latch. Different locks may have slightly different sizes and fit a bit differently on the door. That is why it is important to make sure your lock fits your door before completing the installation. If the lock is not fitted properly on the door then it may not function as it should. However, there is no reason to panic if the lock does not fit the door properly. It is often the case that the latch may be bigger than the previous latch. If this is the case our technicians can make a few minor alterations such as chiseling the side of your door so that the new latch will fit properly. These small steps are crucial to take when installing a new lock so that it functions properly.


Rekey Lock

The first step a locksmith takes when rekeying locks is determining which keyway that specific lock is. Different kinds of locks have different key-ways (the shape of the hole in the lock cylinder in which you stick your key inside of). This is why one of the first steps which a locksmith will take when rekeying your locks is to determine the proper keyway .Some of the most common residential lock brands are Kwikset and Schlage, and therefore, the most common keyways in residential lock cylinders are SC1 and KW1. Any KW1 key will fit inside of a KW1 cylinder, and any SC1 key will fit inside of a SC1 cylinder. Therefore an easy way for a locksmith to determine what keyway your lock is either by looking at your current key, or by trying to stick a key of a specific keyway inside of your lock. For example, if the locksmith sticks an SC1 key inside of your lock cylinder and it fits properly, then he will know that your lock has an SC1 Keyway. After determining what kind of keyway your cylinder is the locksmith will remove the cylinder from its housing. He will then take the pins out of the cylinder and replace them with new pins to match the new key.


Fresh Installation

A fresh installation refers to the process of creating a place on the door for a lock where there wasn’t one before. For example, the door leading to your home through your garage or back door may only be equipped with a door knob, but not a deadbolt. If you wish to increase the security of your home you may wish to create another spot in your door where a deadbolt could fit. This process involves using a drill to cut a hole in your door and creating a new space where the latch can go inside of. This should be done very carefully by someone who knows what they are doing. If this is not done properly then the process can lead to breaking the whole door. That is why if you want the job right you should call Extra Locksmith in Provo.

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